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3D Rendering

3D Rendering

A Professional 3D Rendering Service Offered at a Competitive Price.

3D Rendering

3D Rendering

Black Ice Digital will bring a look of new professionalism and grandeur to your project with cost effective procedures combined with speedy turnaround times.

Our team of 3D Designers have effectively worked with Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers, Sales and Marketing Managers alike to create work with exceptional photo realistic quality in both Architectural Renders and 3D Renders. Production and Rendering of work is expedited by our Render Farm.

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3D Rendering - Description

3D Rendering is a visual and creative process whereby an Image is produced by Rendering a 3D Model that is stored in a Cartesian environment on a computer. A Cartesian environment is a three-dimensional space governed by coordinates on the x, y and z axis (length, width and depth). Any object humanly imaginable can be described using points (coordinates) in Cartesian space.

The 3D Model can be thought of as a blueprint skeleton object that can be Rendered out into a 3D Movie or a 2D / Two-Dimensional Image. 3D Renderings can be used in the following mediums:

  • Printed Media 
  • The Internet 
  • Interactive Media 
  • TV, or in 3D Movies or Movies with CGI Effects

3D Rendering brought about a new meaning to the age old adage “the sky’s the limit ”, the possibilities are endless!  Now  production of  a multitude of  images are possible, with control not only over the initial 3D Model but also over the 3D Lighting, Texturing and staging of 3D Scenes. 

All objects materializing in a 3D Render needs to be modelled, designed and re-created in the 3D environment by a procedure known as 3D Modeling. Hours of work, allows a multitude of control over what appears in the final scene and the depiction of the absolute Render. A couple of hours can give you the difference between night and day in a finalized 3D Scene.

The three-dimensional data that is portrayed could be a complete scene including geometric models of 3D objects, buildings, landscapes, and animated characters - artists need to generate this scene by Modeling and Animating before the Rendering can commence.

The 3D rendering process depicts this three-dimensional scene as a picture, taken from a specified location and perspective. The rendering could add the simulation of realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, colour, texture, and optical effects such as the refraction of light or motion-blur as created by moving objects on a photograph with a low shutter. Birds, trees, sunsets, props and even crowds of people can be added to a 3D Rendering to add to the final Render’s photo realistic character. 

Why Is 3D Rendering So Time Consuming

Rendering can be incredibly time consuming, even on top spec  Rendering Farms – a set of computers dedicated to Rendering. This is due to the fact that each pixel of an image is generated by the 3D Software. The 3D Software's Rendering engine processes Llighting, Textures, Motion Vectors, Polygons, and various other factors on the Cartesian axis. To render all the frames of an entire animated movie (such as How To Train Your Dragon or Despicable Me) can involve a multitude of Rendering Farms working simultaneously for months or years and years of hard work.


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