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3D Character Development

3D Character Development

A Professional 3D Character Modeling and 3D Character Rigging Services.

3D Character Modeling

Are you struggling to develop branding for a new product or service? Are you finding it hard to convey complex processes or abstract concepts? Let Black Ice Digital Design create a full fledged 3D brand character that can become the face and champion of your company or assist you in getting your message across .

Before 3D Animation or Animating of an expressed 3D Character can start there are a lot of requirements that have to be met: 
Character Modeling and
Manual Character Rigging - manual rigging is a process whereby a skeletal bone system is inserted into a 3D Character, this defines how the input motion deforms its exterior 3D Mesh.

3D Characters as Presentation Host

3D Character Modeling

Creating a 3D Character as a guide or salesman for your presentations is an effective way of connecting your business to a memorable tutor animation that can win new customers. 3D product animations will allow for your product to come alive and can create worlds unavailable in real life. A 3D character should be used repeatedly in other marketing mediums.

When using a 3D Character, you have to consider what type of character is best suited to your target market?  This almost goes without saying but you don't want to create a “gollum” 3D Character if you are marketing to a children home. It is important to always perform any Design task with end user centred design principals in mind, who is my target market? Will they find my message conveyed or the character conveying it offensive? Think carefully from all angles before choosing a final character. Black Ice Digital will work with you to establish which character is best suited for your company's marketing plan.

3D Character Presentation

3D Characters For Branding

Brand building is an essential element to your company's success. You either establish a brand-customer relationship or it evolves with you. You can optimize your marketing campaign through use of 2D and 3D Character Animations to develop a strong corporate identity.
With Brand 3D Characters, the audience see the character and immediately associate it with your product / service. In the past Vodacom had Mo for instance, he created an association with the brand or their product as cell phones or airtime service provider. A unique 3D Character with his own quirks. The Hippo from hippo insurance on the other hand built their whole campaign around the 3D Character, the character thus becoming synonymous with the brand.



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